The vibe of Artisan is to simply provide safe spaces in different hubs around the world for industry people to come and get spiritually hydrated and prayed for before being sent back out to engage in their places of operation. We also pray for the industries and the people within them that influence and shape culture. We are not out to make headlines or build an empire. We are not interested in brand promotion or titles or marketing campaigns. Our development is through word of mouth.

1. To provide input, encouragement and perspective for people professionally involved in the media, arts and entertainment industries through Artisan quarterly publication, the web site and Artisan prayer events.

2. To create a sense of linking and relationship between people involved these industries through raising profile of what is going on. (community page)

3. To communicate a sense of organisational unity and relationship by promoting the main support organisations around the world.

4. To develop a network of people committed to praying for media, arts and entertainment every day using the prayer focus.